Review: Fostex TH-600

After years and months of reading and listening through Sennheiser HD 25 SP II (2007-now) Sony IEMs (2012-now) Sennheiser Momentum (2014 sold) Beyerdynamic DT 1350 (2010-2014 »

Proof Systems

An argument is inferable, if and only if there exists no interpretation in which the premises are True and the conclusion False. Justified Argument From a »

Computational thinking

One can major in computer science and go on to a career in medicine, law, business, politics, any type of science or engineering, and even the »

Hash Tables

Hash tables are for searching what binary trees are for sorting. Hash table data structures can reduce time complexity down to O(1), a linear order »

Binary Search Trees

A tree has the following properties: One root node Every node is connected by one edge with another node, except the root node A unique path »


This is an article about sorting and the classic ways on how to achieve it in computer science. Bubble Sort Bubble sort was invented by Edward »