Build Android APK with Ionic2 Beta and Cordova on a OSX

Install Ionic Beta, Cordova and TypeScript

git clone username@repo  
cd repo  
brew install node  
npm install -g ionic@beta  
sudo npm install -g cordova  
sudo npm install -g typings  
sudo npm install -g gulp  
npm install  

Android SDK

brew install android-sdk  
brew install Caskroom/cask/java  
android update sdk --no-cli  
echo "android {  
         buildToolsVersion "24.0.1"
         compileSdkVersion 23
       }" > platforms/android/build-extras.gradle

Put android-versionCode="24" in config.xml in your root folder (only whole numbers are allowed).

cordova build android  

Should now yield:


Total time: 6.846 secs  
Built the following apk(s):