Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery of Ionic2 Hybrid Mobile Apps on BuddyBuild

I am working with the fine gentlemen over at BuddyBuild HQ together to integrate Karma Tests into BuddyBuild.

This would mean we can run native JavaScript tests and according to the outcome let PaaS do the build of our Hybrid Mobile App. I think this is a world premiere to be honest.

First, make sure to install karma and karma-cli gobally in your postclone script:

echo '=== Karma Test Environemnt ==='
npm install -g karma
npm install -g karma-cli

Then make sure to add this Karma Logic like below. It is watching for exit codes, so ideally you have in your karma.conf.js the key-value singleRun: true set. Just in case I added switches to the commandline in below script.

This is the expected output of above script in the Cloud:

Working Karma Tests - Build Continues Working-Karma

Failing Karma Tests - Build Aborts Failing-Karma

Now I can blame my team mates at work and even proof it. This enables me to become a mean dictator. Finally. ;]

Git Annotate the Karma Failure in IDE git-annotate Priceless: Being able to blame your Teammates and proove it

Ensure Software Quality aka Boost for Team Spirit and meeting Deadlines


Squash them Bugs effordlessly with Automated Tests while being drunk or something

Thanks for reading and good luck with your project!