The iPad Hype

With 250.000 pre-orders in Germany alone another Apple product is destined to break all records. The iPad will have its debut in 2 hours in the United States. Pre-sales in Germany exceeded 4 times the anticipation and according to my sources at Apple even a lot of businessmen want one too. Usually I would say this is just another hype surrounding some gadget, but recent history about Apple's well timed releases tells us to take this kind of buzz more seriously.

Mostly unnoticed these days Microsoft anounced its Zune HD Player which comes closest to the iPod of all the Microsoft releases so far. No matter what device you choose I don't like their closed environments. For instance I want to be able to start a task manager or open a terminal and handle some processes. I like be in control of my computers, gagdets or mobile devices. I want to end whatsoever program is running there against my will, because I am the master of my domain and not my devices, no they aren't.

Within the Windows7 Powershell I would end a program with:
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Get-Process | Where { $_.Name -Eq "MyUnwantedProgram" } | Kill

On MacOSX's terminal I would use the following line:
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kill -sigterm "SomeUnwantedProgram-PID"