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Change Icons in the Plank Dock

In case you also use the excellent and minimalistic dock plank on your box, you might want to change icons for it.

Now unfortunately changing icons the Gnome way won't work always with plank. The usual Gnome 3 way would be to go into your file manager, e.g. nemo and right click on the application in /usr/bin/, select properties and drag and drop a new icon on the icon in the settings window.

However with plank this did not work for me, and in that case you should follow the next few steps.

Point plank to a new .desktop file

In case of Komodo Edit, an excellent Linux Programming Editor, you can achieve to change icons in the plank dock like this:

  1. Open the App (Komodo) and make it sticky in the dock, this will create a komodo.dockitem file you will need later.

  2. Now create a komodo.desktop file with

sudo emacs .local/share/applications/komodo.desktop

Put the following content in that file:

[Desktop Entry] Name=Komodo Exec=/usr/bin/komodo Icon=/path/icon.png Type=Application

  1. Then do a

sudo emacs ~/.config/plank/dock1/launchers/komodo.dockitem

and check if the Launcher directive is pointing to your komodo.desktop file as in


Plank Deviantart

Congrats on having successfully changed icons in the plank dock! Thanks for reading.

Change Icons in the Plank Dock
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