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DogeCoin Reddit Stylesheet and Arrow Sprite

In case you have an own subreddit like me and want to make full use of Reddit Styling galore and programmatically style it, you can start with the arrows and use a stylesheet similar to the following Code. Overwrite the default Reddit CSS at the appropiate section of your subreddit called subreddit settings.

Above code will add a default upvote button, a hover state and a clicked state. If it is Doge you are interested in you will find the original /r/dogecoin sprites here:



But you could make use of the code with virtually any sprite. Note that the backgroud-position property works like an x y - axis. The second value will offset the y-axis, and it is the one I altered in above code snippet.

You can see this technique in action at my subreddit, an crypto currency trading advisory and learning board for newcomers and advanced traders alike, called Shibe Dojo.

DogeCoin Reddit Stylesheet and Arrow Sprite
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