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Code review of my.fdp.de

The ruling german party, the center-right FDP, offers Internet services to voters and party members via an online portal. Their latest idea is to form a regional association called LV Net, where they supposedly will discuss Web related politics. As a member of the german Piratenpartei I felt it was my responsibility to do a quick code review of their Web portal http://my.fdp.de.

Let's go.

Line 1

  • legacy Html 4, hatched in 1997.

Line 3

  • legacy Charset Windows-1252, from 1998. 8 bit (e.g. UTF-8 has 4 Byte thus 11.000 times more characters than the Microsoft format the FDP uses (2^21/191).

Line 8 (et seq.)

  • multiple external, self-hosted Javascript files. Thus useless HTTP requests occur, resulting in very bad usability.
  • a torrent of global variables, for instance referenced to with x, y (!sic), far from being compatible to ECMA Script 5.
  • bug-prone coding style, e.g. multiple boolean operators without parentheses, a && b || c != d.
  • vulnerable to type cohersion by not using triple equality operators like in wmtt != null.
  • Semicolon insertion possible by not using 1TBS (One True Brace Style).
  • The DOM is accessed before it has even started to load. Ouch!
  • Tables. Ow!

The list even goes on, like they've not already made every single error there is to make. But for the sake of the health of your eyes, I will stop here.

All in all, I give the page a F for fail. And I would suggest you don't vote for the FDP if you want Germany to play at least a minor role in the future of the World Wide Web. Let me kindly suggest participating at http://piratenpartei.de as an alternative. Voting is overrated.

Code review of my.fdp.de
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