A declaration of War on Ignorance

When you scratch your head at the performance of the human race as a whole - given this graceful ecosystem for free - you start wondering how endless human ignorance can continue to leap onward. Therefore our parent company, the Meshfields Foundation joins the Rebellion in its War on Ignorance.

But first - Han Solo

Wake up to the fact, human & nature aren't two distinct entities

Buying back Forest Land

Hence, Meshfields Engineering is working on a equity market AI to take equity of the hands of the 98 percent of the greedy & degenerated global financial market participants and is planming on a buy-back program of Global Forests, especially to protect the original sozio-economic status on an epic scale from the proceeds. The Global Emergency has never been approached from an inside vector. To buy the degenerated materialists out of their own game on their own gaming platform - the equity platform, is a challenge we accept.

The AI will accumulate Rain Forest Property on an epic scale. – Steve K., CTO of Meshfields.

Once the land has been accumulated, we will the grant visas to the protected forest and its fresh foods and fresh waters and clean airs only for the worthy. We are even thinking of a degeneration test to keep out materialistic-psychopathological extremes. This is what is needed and this is what true intelligence does. Smart entities do their best, intelligent entities do what is needed.

Making Money - the least of our problems

Bi-Weekly Sprint Demos

Next scheduled Sprint Review W1/Oct 2019


  • How much of the proceeds will you keep ? We only take what we need for living and constructing a Tiny Home, and will never exceed 40% of the income generated. 60/40 Pro-Planet as traders would coin the phrase, pun intended.

  • What are the goals of the AI ? Forestcamp-AI will proceed accumulating forest for archetypical humanitarian and planetarian causes when the treshold of 60% have been bought back from psychopathologically materialistic individuals

  • When is Go-live on which markets ? Our current algorithmic projecions have the whole cryptocurrency market alone at $ 2 Trillion estimated for Q2/2020 and we have a go-live planned as soon as of Q4/2019

  • What are the technologies used? We will build everything on the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native software stack. The Algorithm will feature ancient person-to-person teacher-inherited formulae. All our mentors are active practisioners for the greater good of our families and communities.

forestcamp-SWARM with serverless in-memory spawning to take back Ecosystems beyond Forests

A default-mode best-practice has been built-in into you and it wants to do good for yourself and your nearest five influencers. forestcamp-swarm will globalize our naturalistic default-mode in a very, very financially agressive way

Forestcamp-SWARM will be deployed onto the edged cloud to infiltrade trading centers with shortest IO and execution times possible. The serverless swarm will co-optively spwan new farms of AI swarms invading the ToS mechanisms of the global world exchanges.


Training module into cortex of forestcamp-AI

forestcamp will broadcast a torrent of requests to the greater mesh of Swarm-Buckets. A Swarm bucket is an intelligently organized decision unit. It makes decisions based on maximal survival length of the Human Race in the Universe.

Is our ego anything but a small speck of dust compared to interstellar vastness?

The Universe and the rest of it

According to Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble the Universe is about 14 Billion years old.

H = 1/t, with Universe-Age = 1/H, because of the retro-epochal friedman integrations. These are 14 billion years to be exact.  

If we might take your attention for a minute towards this: Think of what an insignificant speck of dust the milky way is in that meshed network. And what that makes our solar system. And what that makes earth. And how small it makes you. And still super significant, because your existence is everything to you. Yet in the vastness of space we are an obscurity, a lost cause, a short flicker of light deep down in the nano and quantum world, that is how short humanity as a whole is compared to the infinite cosmic reality. So, ask yourself how big you are compared to the size of the inheritance of your existence.

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