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SSH and git through that socks proxy

In case you want to git and ssh trough an socks proxy at work or another environment on a Mac or on a Linux client you can follow these steps, maybe they work for you:

git config --global http.proxy socks5://<proxy>:<port>

Whereas<proxy>:<port> could be something like supermeanCompanyWall.net:1080

Then as next step open up ~/.ssh/config` and edit:

 Host <myGitRepo>
   Hostname <repoDomain.tld>
   Port <repoPort>
   User git
   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/<private_key>
   ProxyCommand nc -x <proxy>:<port> %h %p

There are more modern approaches than using nc, netcat, however above worked for me after trying many other alternatives like -tt or -W %h:%p switches of newer OpenSSH versions.

Good luck getting through that Firewall!

SSH and git through that socks proxy
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