The importance of the lopsided

This is a rant. It reflects my own personal opinion and I am entitled to it, as you are to yours.


In almost every software development project, there are two types of people present: Doers and Talkers. Now it is not secret that talkers earn more money in this business of ours and it must be allowed to ask the question: Are the guys doing all the talking and controlling worth the extra buck per hour?

After thoughtful and careful consideration I arrived at the unequivocal, yet unsurprising answer: No.

Industry experts have the same opinion - that earth has really more than enough streamlined, robot-like business graduates. The future of mankind will be driven by the lopsided. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jerry Yang, just to name a few.

The importance of the lopsided. The thing that's skewed a little.

-- Eric Packer in Cronenberg's Cosmopolis

Why Microsoft is relevant again

I a world where Tesla flies to Mars and Google releases over 5 Million Apps per day, Microsoft decided that it can't afford to continue to just milk its cash cow.

Microsoft changed course and re-thought its approach to open source and community.

Are the streamlined business graduate robots that are doing all the talking and controlling worth the extra buck per hour? The unequivocal answer must be: No.

At some point down the road the highly propietery and patent-savvy Microsoft decided to invest in 3 decisive key products that are currently helping them to secure a small share of the ecosystem and earn them respect among IT communities. All of these products are open source - free of patents - free to alter - free to use - free to understand - free to share - free to make money upon - free as in freedom.

  • Helm - The Kubernetes Package Manager
  • TypeScript - A typed JavaScript Subset
  • DevOps - The Ops Engineering Culture of the 21st century

This are no small fly-by-nights. These are extremely popular projects and processes used by senior software engineers around the globe. Linux-pros. Pros that swore an oath to never use Microsoft again. So why break that oath? Because Microsoft changed and opened up and let go of their cash cow mentality. They did let go of their retarded pride, of their money-driven mission. They are relevant again. They have a real shot of surviving the disruption.

Disrupting the disruption

The next big thing is coming to absolutely shatter the entire business-driven world, Venture Capitalism and every transaction-based commerce. It will be community, culture and stakeholder-driven. It will even the odds, rescale the scales, move the hoarded money from the top to the bottom. From the work-consumer to the workee. From the conglomerate to the customer. But small steps first. How can your corporate culture learn to compete with disruption?

Disrupt Kopernical view of corporate culture

If you think your business can jump on the wagon of digitalisation just by hastly publishing some mobile app without taking the time of introducing a DevOps-driven or SCRUM-driven culture in your company - think again.

There I said it - SCRUM. I hope I scared you!

If you are scared of Scrum - chances are your company is fear-driven, bonus-driven and ego-driven.

Chances are, you did not hire or do not listen to a lopsided thinker, that knows what the next big wave is. Chances are, you won't survive the next wave of disruption. And rightfully so, I may add.

End Of Rant.

The importance of the lopsided
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