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Magic Mouse on Win7

Windows offers a vast universe of Software and extended configurability and Apple produces excellent Hardware.

Why not combine best of both worlds? Or like a collegue put it, Apple does not manufacture hardware but design objects for our home. The magic mouse claims to be the biggest revolution in mouse history since the optical mouse.

Of course everybody will tell you that this wouldn't work. The Apple Specialist at the Apple Store will tell you that you are out of luck or even out of support. Blabla. Luckily we are not out of basic IT skills.

Here it goes

1. Buy the Magic Mouse

2. Install the drivers from the guys over at Uneasy Silence

3. Pair the mouse with your bluetooth dongle. It'll work with Microsoft's Bluetooth Stack.

  1. Install SmoothWheel for Firefox. Sadly I didn't find a proper solution for IE8.

In SmoothWheel alter these settings:

Step Size: 1/10 page

Speed: Normal (0.4 sec)

Adaptive-Step: Extreme (x10)

Adaptive-Duration: (x1.5)

There you got it - almost perfect Apple feeling on your PC.

But only almost ! Because I encountered a lot of annoying problems. Occasional drop outs of connection, horizontal scrolling isn't smooth and only time will tell if battery sleep mode is working like on a Mac.

I tested this with a broadcom bluetooth chip by DELL. Long story short, I wouldn't yet use the magic mouse with a non-OSX. I might be testing again if Apple adds official Bootcamp support to the mouse.

Update October 2010:
I now own an iMac and have tested the magic mouse in Windows7 with latest Bootcamp drivers. Works flawlessly. I sold the magic mouse however because I honor my hand's health. The magic mouse is an aweful experience for your hand. I settled with an Logitech that offers endless scrolling as well and fits your hand like a glove.

Magic Mouse on Win7
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