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Microsoft does look better in Linux

Linux does look good. It even looks so good, that Microsoft's website seemingly looks better if rendered in Linux.

In my opinion it isn't that surprising that Jung von Matt, Germany's Top Tier advertising agency turned down Microsoft as a client due to their lack of creativity and courage in respect of visual design.

Windows 7 still doesn't officially offer alternatives to its default User Interface. To alter Windows's Aero engine you would have to hack some Microsoft libraries. This would then enable UX customizing of Windows.  

In Linux it is a bit easier. In above shot I use the OpenSuSE K Desktop Environment with one of its many widget plugins. Well at least if you want to call SuperKaramba with YahooWeather a plugin.

UniQ is the name of the UX Theme that utilizes QtCurve. Currently it is software-rendered by XRender. Soon I will make the switch to ATI's binary drivers to use a OpenGL Desktop with Compiz. This is all very exciting and it just looks so fresh. In my opinion there should be more graphic editing programs on Linux. Without them I see only little possibilities in creating own themes the OS.

Microsoft does look better in Linux
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