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Stateful Auth0 Custom Login with Ionic2 and Angular2

Auth0 is the single most excellent Authorisation Service I ever came along. Big shouts to their crew, support, documentation and Discourse.


This is how we wired our fully customized and styled Login Screen with ngrx's reactive store in our app:

Observable Authentication Service

Subscribe in Ionic's platform.ready() callback

This means basically, whenever you login, all subscribers to the ngrx store will get notified to updates of your authorisation status.

Your native mobile app therefore would feel fully polished, overall leaving the customer and end user with a much better experience than many other second grade apps out there, rocketing your client-side architecture up into the top league of mobile apps. Password: Premium.

Thanks to my team and the overall ionic and angular community in making this next-gen solution a reality.

Stateful Auth0 Custom Login with Ionic2 and Angular2
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