Should I get the Macbook Pro 2017 ?

Its still an amazing piece of hardware, but price is getting steeper every iteration for less and less value. I had the 2015 model, and now two 2017 models (speced out 15 and base model 13). Here are the main concerns:

Main Concerns

1.) That useless junk of a Touchbar. It's unusable, your fingers will do false triggers and its coming with a special co-processor draining battery power.

2.) Extra fan cooling that fancy co-processor for that fancy touch bar

3.) Smaller Battery to make place for that fancy co-processor and that fancy second fan cooling that fancy co-processor powering that fancy, useless touch bar, which in essence is a marketing stunt.

4.) On the MBP 15 the Trackpad is much too large. Your palm will trigger false positives.

5.) The fancy touchbar will slow you down. "The cognitive footprint of direct second screen interactions is significantly higher than that of indirect interactions" Source:

  1. Mass media or A-Blogs wont report it because having become retards is their main job now, but the MBP 2017 models are not grounded, the charger is far inferiour to the MagSafe Charger from 2015 and USB-Pro Audio Gear will jitter and crackle when your hands don't touch the casing.

Fn-Key model is the best

The Fn-Key model is the best hands down. In essence, don't get the model with the touch bar, which rules out 97% of the models and BTOs. This leaves the 13" non-touchbar, which has faster CPU than the speced-out 13" while draining lower Wattage (TDP of ~15 vs ~28). Yep, faster CPU, less battery drainage and bigger battery in the lowest-cost base model. It's true.


Fan Whine on the MBP 15 2017.

I had the $4K 15" 2017 BTO speced-out all in MBP and the fans ran all. the. time. and noticably so with distinct fan whine and surr.

Optimal Bang-For Buck Base Model Configuration

I bought then the 13" Base Model with speced out cpu (i7) and SSD. The larger SSD, the faster (its the fastest on the planet with up to 1gig/sec), but you only get the fastest PCIe bus on the 15" higher models. The speced out CPU, dont get it, you pay $300 for 5% speed increase, a slap by Apple in our faces. Upgrade your SSD to 1TB and pay $1K, a slap by Apple in our faces.

USB-C and TB 3 is awesome

On the base model 13" you only get 2 USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) ports, a slap by Apple in our faces, because they want to incentivize sells of the useless and slower touch bar model, which has this shit touch bar with its shit dedicated fan and its shit dedicated CPU and its smaller battery with shorter battery life to power the shit touch bar.

Light in the Dark

Upsides on the MBP? The screen. The trackpad. The USB-C only. I actually absolutely like USB-C, since I absolutely hate USB-A, you never get that crap in the port in the first 5 tries, right? A USB-C to A adapter costs $5. /thread on USB-C.

Buyers ADvice

So what the best option for you?

  1. Buy a Fn-Key MBP 13" Base Model with as much SSD and Memory as your wallet can give. You also need money to buy Adapters and Dongles about $100. Buy all adapter and dongle twice, since you will loose them. And loose them you will.

  2. Gaming and Power. Since iGPUs are always inferior (i640/i650 no exception) and in case you want to game and power some external screen without jitters and with quality, buy a TB3 Extender Box (Sonnet Technologies GPU-550W-TB3) and put 2 Nvidia/AMD High End GPUs inside. The AMD 560 in the 15" is loud and not that capable at all unless you are a secret adorer or playing Witcher III at 8 FPS.

  3. If you want a non-Apple machine, buy some Thinkpad. Nothing else came ever close nor will ever close, its seriously rugged and my friend drove with his Tractor over his 15 year old X-Series, that thing is still running like on Day 1. The screen and touchpad are of course absolute crap as they have been the last 15 years but with Ubuntu Linux on it I think its a very capable machine. A Thinpad Carbon, X, T or Yoga could also give you a better keyboard, but your milage may vary.

Overall this is the last serious Apple MBP for many of us, unless Apple reconsiders their strategy of slapping customers in the face with useless fancy touch bars, horror prices and jokes of battery lives.

As an aside I think the Macbook 12 for a fun book offers good value for the money, its almost as fast as the 13" and offers complete silence and portability. The Touch Bar models however, being slower, louder and more battery-hungry than the Fn-Key Base Model can be considered overpriced fun books, no doubt.

Should I get the Macbook Pro 2017 ?
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