September 19, 2019


Meshfields' powerful work ethic means turning down business with those who don't value a happy, healthy and strong Human and Planetarian condition


If you are familiar with sustainable concepts, and inhabit the ability to seamlessly invent new ways of broadening the intellectual, social, psychological and spiritual experience of all Life on Earth, you found the right company for your needs.

Select from our services and expertise, in order to get an insight about our offerings on the technological domain, and use below shortcuts to get an insight into our latest projects - if that's your thing.

Symbiotic Technologies are waiting to be uncovered

Rich sustainability at your fingertips

Your personal Meshfields representative can also handle complex and rich business requirements like Mobile CI/CD, Testing, Web Scraping, Big Data BI Chains and Statistical Methods as well as Kubernetes environments, called meshcepts.

You can request a tailored meshcept or Meshfields Concept either by sending us an e-mail or have a call scheduled especially for you. This allows you to efficiently insert the optimal sustainable digital concept into your business.

For Example:

  • You need multiple asynchronous CI/CD chains to streamline your deployments - we got you covered. We can setup a specific cloud-based solution just for you. The energy powering your servers will always be renewable. We will calculate and auto-bill you the CO2 Setoff necessary for moving your whole business in the right direction - a sustainable planet, a sustainable us.

  • You want to create a Big Data Chain with ready-made BI analysis tools or you like it bare-bone to use powerful Statistical Methods? We got you covered. We host all our Big Data Tool Chain at sustainable hosters with certified green energy and if necessary we auto-calculate and auto-bill you the toll your new digital business products have on our climate and our planet.

  • Need a Security Audit or a complete cyber strategy with ISO certifications? We will make sure that creeps and crooks stay out of your business or Web site. Through employing hardened Sprints, SELinux and Penetration Tests we can secure infrastructure to diamond-degree stealthyness.

  • Or you just need some nice Landing Page? Through Serverless Deployments we can minimise downtimes to A-Level Site degrees and through intelligent site analytics far beyond what Google can do, we can directly calculate the amount of Carbon Dioxide the page request does cost our fragile planet and auto-offset the Co2 via an API to an renowned organisation like myclimate or atmosfair.
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You see - it's possible to do business while staying in touch with what matters most - Life.

Working with us means..

When working with us, you will be sure:

  • We never share your data or gather it without agreement.
  • We adhere to strict privacy laws, like GDPR or DSGVO as minimum.
  • We don't work with companies that have malintent towards Life in their hearts.
  • We audit our hard- and software supply chain so that you can be sure, your services won't be adding to a worsened negative outlook for humanity or the planet.

Once we got you up and running on a tailored plan you will be able to quickly expect results you can work with and make further decisions as we work in very fast iterations following the Agile Software Engineering Principle. For a better future for all!

A Symbiotic Relationship of ICTs with our host planet is the only way forward.

I hope we will be able to work with you towards a better future for your business, humanity and circular planetarian affairs. For more advanced info on the tailored services we offer for your requirements check out our expertise and projects.