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VLC Wand stretches one Movie to two Screens.

The essence of viewing is knowing what you look for. Your eyes wander around all day without recognizing all the interesting tiny things and bits of info out there. So therefore I bought a second screen today. And with two giant screens one want to watch a movie in giant letterbox format of course. However, despite the fact, that mankind visited moon (or supposedly did so), it is not possible to set up two screens for viewing one movie in giant format.

I strolled around many search engines, forums and blogs. In multiple languages. I tested a vast kind of video players, VLC, Zoom Player, mplayer. I tried Nvidia and ATI graphics cards. Nothing worked. Even worse - people did not understand the task in the first place. Why do you want to watch a movie on a giant two screen panned space? Why that? Duh. Yea why would anybody want a bigger screen? Why dont watch a movie on your cellphone. Who needs those fancy big cinema like setups. So in these so called experts forums they directed each other in strange directions. In total misunderstanding what the achievable goal here was, they told how to duplicate or clone screens and how to do other useless things with a second screen. So it was when I took a breath. I listened my inner voice. I inhaled slowly and then I said to myself - Yes.

Yes, I do believe we were on the moon and therefore a comparably simple task like watching a movie on two screens should be possible - despite all the cluelessness I came along in the cyberspace so far. Everybody already gave up this seemingly unachievable task.

Well, after four hours of clicking through the endless panels of VLC's options menue I finally hit gold...

WAND. That's the option you want to select. It's a filter that lets you display your movie in as many windows as you need them. Wand seperates your movie in as many tiny bits -column and row wise- like a table layout did in HTML.

So the result is it really works. Let me say this much: The Transformers 2 HDTV Trailer watched on two giant 22" Dell S-IPS Panels is awesome. A small step for a blogger but a big leap for mankind.

VLC Wand stretches one Movie to two Screens.
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