Why we've been offline for an entire month

It happens to the best of us. We get into a new exciting project, overwhelmed with this great new team, huge requirements analysis, new cross-functional tasks like servant leadership, Scrum mastery and other Sorcerer's magic.

Then you have the not so brilliant idea to upgrade your blog's SQL Core at 4 am and hit a bug in the upgrading process right at 4:30 am. Chances are you go to sleep to look halfway awake the next day in that multi billion euro company and leave your blog to rot in the endless depths of /dev/null.

So -of course- a database bug was the reason for the downtime, but now we are back. Big new things for the Web site are planned, a complete new system and migration of this blog's content. Estimated Time of Arrival: Never.

Anyway, thanks for your ongoing faith in Meshfields and enjoy your time on these fine pages - online since 1998!


Why we've been offline for an entire month
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